Magento 2 integrations​

Thanks to the modern APIs, it is possible to integrate Magento with the vast majority of systems. We have a long experience of integration with all the major systems within eCommerce in the nordics. Our experience is within Payments, Transport, CRM, ERPs, POS, WMS and PIM Systems.

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Integration platforms

Integrations is a key factor in every eCommerce project. We have chosen carefully for partners and are now working with two different integration platforms. The custom integrations are always made with and possibly custom work in the eCommerce platform.

Junipeer is the best platform for complex integrations. We are using it as our core tech for integrations. Except using it for complex integrations it also provides us with the possibility to make standardized integrations at ease. Junipeer can integrate to any ERP, POS, PIM, WMS, CRM or similar system.


Sharespine provides us with standardized integrations to a couple of well known ERP systems, POS and marketplaces.

ERP & POS integrations

Thanks to modern APIs and file integrations, it is possible to integrate Magento with the vast majority of ERPs and POS systems. We, Nordic Web Team, have a long experience of integration with both the major ERPs and the smaller ones.

Payment providers

Magento supports 100s of payment methods. We have chosen to work closely with a few of them. Our focus is always stability and your business in mind.

Svea Ekonomi

Svea is one of the best options for companies that are selling to B2B and B2C. We have a tight partnership and are currently handling their official Magento support.


Nets (& DIBS) has developed the Nets easy checkout which we can highly recommend. We have a tight partnership and are currently handling their official Magento support.


Ecster is part of Handelsbanken and can provide an easy to use checkout. They are very solid and is a valid option for many merchants.


Klarna has been one of the main integrations for us. Our integration was used by over 1000 merchants. Currently Klarna is a part of the Magento 2 out of the box.

PIM - Product Information Management

When growing your online business, it’s crucial that you get the product information in as efficient as possible. We are currently working with Akeneo and Bluestone PIM in order to solve this efficiently. Both have great integrations with the eCommerce platform.


Akeneo is one of the most well known PIM systems right now. The platform is open source, but is available as an SaaS, iPaaS or on premise solution. There is like Magento also an Enterprise version and a free version. It's available with an official integration and is ready to go with Magento 2.


Bluestone PIM is a SaaS PIM solution with a standardized integration with Magento 2. The platform is built for easy use and high volume data.


It goes without saying, but transports are very important in eCommerce. We have solid experience with the majority of the TA-systems, transport and WMS -systems. 


One of the most common TA-systems comes from Unifaun. Nordic Web Team has built the integration for Magento and comes ready with several Checkout integrations.

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