UX & not just a design?

The Content of any Web site drives the user experience. You can have the best design themes, the best graphics, and even a great personalization strategy, but without great content to back it up, the user’s experience may still be very poor.

Good UX is all about getting out of and reaching to the user. A successful e-commerce site makes it easy to shop, deeply evaluate, and compare products.

The best sites let the user do these things without even paying attention to how they get from product description to comparison chart to category page. Good UX is also about knowing what your user wants, to figure out what your user wants, what they would ask if you were standing face to face.

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So how do you get visitors to stay? Great content is the key

What some people forget is that the information on a site – the content – ​​is a huge part of UX.

Our first goal with content is to figure out how to do it better, not just how to make more. That doesn’t mean you won’t need to write more content, but before you do that, get a better understanding of what you already have on your site. Organize the content you have on the page so the users logically and easily can navigate through the content.

Pen and paper the best design tools

When we start a project, we begin analys the customer’s needs and what challenges they have today on the website.
We help our customers set goals – the customer can expect from a project. This can be anything from increased sales to increased customer service.

We analysis  the users’ real needs, and behaviors. Simply we want to answer and ask us where the user is today and what we want to achieve. When we have a clear picture of your goals, we start with sketches that grows in close cooperation with you.

The sketches should easily illustrate the flow, structure and clarify the visual hierarchy on the web page.

Depending on your needs, sketches can be created with paper and pencil or digital simple wireframe, or with a more ready clickable prototype.

”Understanding the customer journey”
”We achieve and create an e-commerce website for you who are clear and simple: people have to reach the e-commerce platform and buy items offered on it.”
"Getting People to Return"

Design is color & shape that converts

The final step is to give the concepts the final graphic form and shape.

  • Make a clear visual priority for important conversion elements
  • Clear contrast for text such as CTA buttons
  • Effective use of images with right copy to guide the visitor’s in the right direction
  • Texts that support the user’s reading flows and different reading levels

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