Magento Development

We are specialized in Magento development. Our knowledge stretches from simple extensions to advanced system integrations. We customize Magento to any needs you can come up with. 

No matter the size of a client, or project, we can support or set up a team with all the necessities when it comes to recourses or competence. For some clients with specific needs or support, we can customize a team just for you.  

Kontakta oss

Solution partner

We are a certified solution partner to Magento which guarantees a certain level on our work. Most of our developers are at senior level.

Development process

We have a very clear 10+ step development process in order to ensure the best possible results. We are focusing on QA, code review and mainly the quality goes first hand. You as client will have a transparency to view what happens in JIRA. We also have many in-house tools to automate the process to speed up the development.

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Kungsholmstorg 16 

112 21 Stockholm