The Swedish Kennel Club (SKK) is the dog owners’ national organization and serves their approximately 270,000 members and customers with customized products and services.

A few years ago, an analysis of the surrounding world and customers was made, which pointed to the need to meet the digital society and to become an interesting service organization that meets customers where they are. As SKK wants to create customer value, nurture its members and provide the best service, it was realized that both working methods and digital platforms were not designed to simplify things for those who have to carry out their errands.

“It should be fun to be a member of SKK, and a clear way to be both more relevant and interesting for members and customers is by becoming more accessible and increasing the level of service”, says Thomas Uddman who is responsible for sales and e-commerce at SKK.

Thomas continues, “We realized that we were too traditional in our thinking and there was a slowness in the change work in the organization. We needed a partner who could challenge, develop and help us implement a modern platform and new ways of working that are in line with our ambitions to become more attractive to those we are there for, and at the same time more efficient as an organization. Nordic Web Team is absolutely fantastic in supporting and challenging us in this development and conversion work ”.

In the past, service to customers and members has involved a lot of manual work; It requires the laying of hands, takes time, and also becomes less secure. But this was also accepted as part of the culture. With a new mindset where the visitor is put in focus, it has become easier to take an outside-in perspective. The idea of faster and easier service, more services, that the user can control a lot himself and find the right information quickly is now a guiding star in the sales organization in SKK. This is an important step in retaining and finding new members and customers.

Through the development of the new e-commerce solution and linked integration solutions, the Nordic Web Team has created a new structure that can be used and scaled up as needs change. Not least, the user-friendliness and appearance of the site has been enhanced, with new details that make the visit and the shopping experience much smoother.

“A strength of the Nordic Web Team is that they have both extensive knowledge of e-commerce and integration solutions, in fact the entire ecosystem of different systems and services that must be connected. This helps us to automate flows while increasing precision and safety as manual work decreases ”.

Nordic Web Team has built the solution on Magento 2 and uses Junipeer as an integration platform, an iPaas solution that is modern, fast, flexible and scalable. The combination of broad Magento competence and Junipeer as an integration platform is a perfect combination in the ambition to be a complete partner for those who want to develop both organization and business.

The next step in the development is “MittSKK” which has been developed based on the members’ demand for digital tools for self-service. As personal login has been made possible through BankID, members can securely change or add information. This can be about membership, registration of owners or updating of personal information in SKK’s database.

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