A proven way to successful eCommerce projects

A well-defined structure and process makes all the difference in delivering great results. Our process leads the way from first contact, implementation and finally, management of your solution.

Our general work process can be described as five parts; Initial contact, Pre-study and Workshops, Production, Launch and Management. Each part has a number of criteria that must be met before we take the next step, and our tools give you as a customer an insight into what happens during the work.

You can count on us to help you from start to finish. 

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Initial Contact

Before we begin, we need to get to know your business and evaluate if we can contribute with value to your organization. At our first meeting together, we identify your interest & needs to assess relationship and understanding of your organization.

Pre-study & Workshop

A good project always start with everybody involved well prepared. Our experience enables asking the right questions and doing the research needed to create a custom solution that suits your needs. We do a business analysis and identify ROI but also the risks that comes along with it. We create flowcharts and a complete design and all together a proposal regarding solution.


Our consultants produces your integration as effectively as possible. Along the journey, we will provide sufficient information and communication. We work efficiently with testing/QA to ensure a proper outcome and result.


We help you and your organization with the launch of the project. It is important to have every coworker onboard and to be prepared for the upcoming change. Post-launch we will collect and combine the different parts of the project to assess what we did well and what could have been done better. Next step is to plan for phase 2 and ongoing development.


After launching your new solution we will work together with your organization to ensure the change to run as smoothly as possible. We provide ongoing development and offer advise and proactive marketing and strategic consultation.

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