Some believe that e-commerce can be counteracted by the sales department. After all, there is a new sales channel where customers will order instead of calling or sending a e-mail about the order. The sales-rep is no longer the order recipient. People may question whether it is the end of the classic sales role.

The answer is … Yes maybe, at least the “classic”.

When the technology changes, the organization must also change. There is a great opportunity to invest in the really exciting business, that there has been no time for until now. The sales-rep have the chance to be effective and work with more complex, larger deals and of course more time to talk with customers instead of endless administration.

The organization must adapt to new requirements

E-commerce and digitization can create unique competitive advantages for those companies that have not come as far inte their digital transformation yet. You have the chance to boost your existing channels, as well as your new e-commerce channel.

E-commerce can create competitive advantages

In the end, the result is more sales per sales-rep. How the compensation looks, we will leave that to each organization. But this should not be a negative development for the company and its employees.
In the end, it may lead to increased market shares, new opportunities and generally a better working environment. Something that should be appreciated by both sellers and management?

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Writen by: Jonas Wärngård

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