We are specialists in payment solutions!

Nordic Web Team was the first to integrate Klarna Checkout for Magento 1 and 2 in the Scandinavian market. Our payment solutions have been used by more than 1000 merchants and we now have a clear market leading position in

Avarda Checkout for Magento

Nordic Web Team has built and supports Avarda’s new Magento Checkout which is now available for delivery. Avarda specializes in payments for both online and retail in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The goal is to create a payment solution

We are a Swishpartner!

Nordic Web Team is a partner to Swish since the beginning of October. Swish is a simple and smart way to pay without having to use regular debit cards. With the swish app, you can pay in real time between

Vue Storefront Core Partner

As part of building fast and modern e-commerce solutions, various Headless and PWA platforms have been evaluated for a long time. Since August, the Nordic Web Team has been a core partner for Vue Storefront. “We have awaited our choice

5 Things You Must Know About Magento Commerce B2B

Magento Commerce is one of the world’s largest B2B e-commerce platforms and is a leader in the top lists of Internet Retailer and Forrester. It is used by major brands such as Liebherr and Canon Since the launch of the

B2B companies abandon old systems for future ecomm...

The digital transformation has finally reached B2B business. B2B has undergone a transformation and, according to Magento, 71% of all purchases in 2017 start with a search instead of a phone call. Furthermore, the survey  “The Forrester Wave” indicates that

How e-commerce streamlines and motivates B2B sales...

Some believe that e-commerce can be counteracted by the sales department. After all, there is a new sales channel where customers will order instead of calling or sending a e-mail about the order. The sales-rep is no longer the order

Magento VS Salesforce

Magento and Salesforce are currently in a fierce competition and many are trying to compare the platforms. Comparing e-commerce platforms is not a easy thing. All merchants are different and what is really important is to make sure you reach

Litium E-Commerce vs Magento Commerce

Litium Vs Magento Since we have seen some local competition between Magento Commerce and Litium in Sweden. We decided it was time to really have a look at how the 2 platforms compare. But to be fair, our knowledge is

3 reasons why you can increase your sale using pro...

Humans are visual creatures – it’s in our DNA. Our brain optimizes the processing of visual information very well because our brains are constantly evolving for the better. We are constantly trying to find different solutions to simplify our lifestyles, and

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