B2B - Online business between companies

Developments in the B2B segment is starting to take off and the digital business is being prioritized, mostly because of its many benefits. 

More and more companies realize that eCommerce creates an efficient engine and a smooth channel for increasing sales, adding value to the customer service, and enhancing the marketing connections.

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Digital transformation

A digital revolution for trade between companies. Many B2B organizations are facing a major change where older working methods are moving towards a digital journey. We engage your organization in a digital journey towards more efficient and agile business. Your salespeople can spend more time contributing to marketing activities, new and complex business, and improving customer relationships.


B2B eCommerce platforms

Magento 2 Commerce B2B

Magento Commerce is a digital revolution for trade between companies. Magento has long been a strong platform for B2C and has incorporated many of the smart features into the B2B e-commerce platform.

The Out-Of-The-Box functionalities can not only help you increase the sales, but also reduce manual work and ease the administration. This tool is your new colleague, but never sleeps and costs less.  

B2B functionality

Integration to ERP & CRM

Your ERP and CRM are at the center of your business. We have the opportunity to integrate with all the systems you use. We integrate all this seamlessly in order for the experience to be the same in all channels and your sales work to be streamlined to a maximum. Thanks to Magento’s modern APIs, integrations with most business systems (ERPs) are made possible.

Open, Closed or hybrid

Many companies prefer to protect the site through login. There is support to offer a closed webshop or partially closed. Of course, you can use Magento as your website with product catalog. There, for example, you hide parts such as prices, purchase functions until the customer has logged in.

Individual Product Catalog Range and Prices

As a B2B sales company the scenario where your customers have different purchase patterns and product ranges with individual company pricing and discounts is a common thing. In Magento 2 Commerce 2.2 you have a wide range of settings from the back office to ensure that your customers get the personalized and best purchase experience there is. You no longer have to manage a set of sites and shops but instead can easily manage all your customers needs in one backoffice panel.

Quotes and Quote Requests

In the new version of Magento 2.2 Commerce the quote handling flow is perfected to suit any and all B2B sales companies. Your customers can create a quote just as easy as making a traditional purchase. The quote is saved under the customer card and can be converted to a sale when all parties are in agreement. You have full access to the quotes and orders from the back office and have full freedom to update and change them.

Customer Groups and Corporate Structure

Many companies have an internal structure for decisions making regarding purchases and quote requests. Magento Commerce 2.2 offers a user-friendly but still advanced hierarchy. You as a B2B sales company can give your customers and key employees different access and authority to make purchases and request quotes suitable for their business model.

Combined B2B and B2C eCommerce

Thanks to Magento’s Multi-shop support, you can also create separate stores for B2C and B2B, or why not for different brands and sell directly to consumers. You can control an unlimited number of web shops or markets from the same admin / back office.

Segmenting and Marketing Automation

Just as in daily sales work, it is important to segment and analyze customer data to offer the right product to the right customer. To enable this, the platform offers built-in support for segmenting different contacts. In addition, you have the opportunity to process these efficiently and at the right time through Marketing automation. Customers will appreciate that they receive the right offer and communication. You will appreciate increased sales and more satisfied customers.

Quick and Returning Orders

Customers can easily place a longer order with Magento’s “Quick buy” functionality. The product list is filled in with article number and an order for several hundred products can be made without difficulty. These order lists can also be saved in the customer account for later orders or used for recurring orders for example. consumables that need to be purchased at regular intervals. It is also possible to give companies a credit to further facilitate the customer when purchasing.

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