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Nordic Web Team are experts at Magento and e-commerce with extensive experience from both B2C and B2B commerce. We advise and share our knowledge so that you as a customer will become better and make wiser decisions. 

Many customers see us as a quality sounding board early in the process of making impactful decisions. Whether it is your first e-commerce solution or just time to switch up the level, a good partner can simplify the journey to a really strong solution. Not only for the online store but also all components that surrounds it.

Together with expertise from Magento, we are an unbeatable team, helping you find a safe, stable and attractive solution. 

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Our Process

Our process guides you all the way from the initial contact on to managing your complete solution. We have a proven process that gives a certain result. You can rely on our team helping you from start to finish. 


eCommerce Consulting

We believe that our technical skills combined with business development can be an incredibly powerful tool. We provide a custom consulting service matching your companies requirements and in-house team

UX/UI Design & Interaktion

The Content of any Web site drives the user experience. You can have the best design themes, the best graphics, and even a great personalization strategy, but without great content to back it up, the user’s experience may still be very poor.

Magento Development

We are specialized in Magento development. Our knowledge stretches from simple extensions to advanced system integrations. We customize Magento to any needs you can come up with.

Magento Hosting

We offer a solution where we take full and complete responsibility and gives constant surveillance of your webshop solution. With our complete service you do not have to worry about down time, insufficient performance or loss of data.
Our solution covers a complete deployment pipeline in order to reach the best possible efficiency.

Magento Integrations

Integrations is a key factor in every eCommerce project. Therefor the custom integrations are always made with junipeer.io and possibly custom work in the ecommerce platform.
We are also creating custom integrations for Payment providers and other related companies.

eCommerce Education

Our educators are often teachers within Medianstitutet and Changemaker Educations. We have had over 50 courses for various companies such as Adlibris, and Björn Axen. We focus wholeheartedly on the Magento 2 platform and eCommerce. Our trainers are highly experienced within Magento and also lecture at major Magento events.

Ecommerce platform

Magento Open Source & Commerce

We are using Magento in all of our eCommerce projects. Since start, Magento has been our core technology. We are currently a silver partner with Magento and are also hosting the largest Magento event in the Nordics, Meet Magento Sweden. We are an exclusive partner to Meet Magento Association.

Magento PWA Studio

What if you could have instant loading, mobile app feel & features and amazing UX, and everything works in the browser (no need to install an app)!?
Well that is pretty much what PWAs does. We are using the PWA tech called Magento PWA studio and other custom PWA solutions where its suitable. ​


B2C eCommerce

B2C eCommerce is at the front and so are we at Nordic Web Team. We are aiming to deliver the best possible experience, with a quick and smooth shopping experience.
Our B2C clients come from a various of businesses and with different needs, but the goal is still the same - creating better value for even more customers. And this is where we fit like a glove.

B2B eCommerce

Developments in the B2B segment are really starting to take off and the digital business is getting higher on the agenda. Many companies find that E-commerce creates an engine to increase the sales and provides an efficient and smooth channel for both sales, customer service and marketing.

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