Unifaun & Pacsoft Online integration till WooCommerce


Printing a waybill (XML posting)

The extensions sends information about the order (XML posting) to Unifaun. This enables the possibility to print waybills from both Unifaun online and Pacsoft online. 


The extensions has the option to retrieve a link to track an order using the tracking number. This link can be placed on an e-mail to confirm the order, on the customer account and in admin for the storeowner.

SMS notification

WooCommerce does not have a field for SMS notification as a standard function. With our extension this field is included and can be activated.

What is included except the licens of Unifaun WooCommerce extension?

-       Test of extension in WooComerce site.

-       Upcomming versions of the extension. Files are sent on inquiry.

-       With the option "Unifaun Orderkoppling", Unifaun start and a 1 year subscription is included (Value 4500:-). Nordic Web Team is a reseller of Unifaun. See Unifauns website for more information.

What is not included?

Nothing except what is stated in this document will be included. Any extra features or work will be charget by the hour with agreed upon hourly fee. Below you can find examples of what is not included

-       Styling  of CSS or similar, in your register.

-       Integration with other modules that are not Woocommerce standard.

-       Existing errors in your Woocommerce installation, server or other.

-       Configure other parts of Woocommerce that is not related to the Unifaun extension.

-       Education in Woocommerce order flow, logistics or other konsultation not directly related to the module. 

-       Installation of new versions of the extension after inital installation. Only updated files are included. 

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