Progressive Web Applications (PWA), is the latest buzzword in the IT world. This web technology has gained unparalleled momentum and is arrayed to transform the way consumers and merchants conduct business across mobile devices.

PWA are an exciting new concept with huge potential for the future of the mobile web.

“…nearly every website should be a progressive web app, because they represent best practices for the web”

The Future is Progressive Web Apps

While existing technologies have long supported mobile interactions, Progressive Web Apps are poised to radically evolve how consumers utilize their mobile devices. Promising a powerful, app-like browsing experience, this emergent technology is set to blow away the experiential demands of todays’ tech-savvy shopper.

PWA Studio allows you to make online customers’ purchase journey easier and faster. User can use the website as an app by simply adding the website to the home screen. If not, user can still return to the website through the browser. The websites remain searchable by search engines.

November 2018 Magento 2.3 was released, loaded with tons of exciting features as:

  • Magento 2 Multi-Source Inventory (MSI): This functionality empowers Magento store owners to manage their inventory and stocks directly from the Admin panel of the website in spite of the several locations. It helps store managers manage inventory without installing any third-party platforms.
  • Enhanced Security: Magento has added Google ReCaptcha and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) in order to reduce the probabilities of password hacking, attacks by bots.
  • Page Builder: This functionality in Magento 2.3 makes it easy for merchants to create and review the content and render it across several third-party platforms, leveraging the intuitive interface, APIs, and mdrag-and-drop editing tools, and APIs.

The Reasons to Use Magento 2.3 PWA for your e-commerce business?

With m-commerce driving more online sales, masters of Magento have chosen to shift their gears towards adding advanced trends like progressive web application to its platform.

  • Faster Browsing: Progressive web application helps Magento 2 stores to let the customers interact with the stores faster. 
  • Linkable: Other sites can link to the content on your PWA, which we know is an important SEO factor as well as a convenient to users. This is also great if your PWA is going to live in your digital ecosystem and you want the ability to link to other web properties. 
  • Instant “App” Gratification: As it is immediately discoverable and usable via the browser, PWAs eliminate the need to install or download an application before use. The customer can add app easily to a smartphone’s home screen. This feature lets the users simply click the icon and visit the particular website directly. 
  • Push notifications: Push notifications are important messages sent as notifications to keep your customers informed about the latest deals, updates, and offers. They help in real-time contextual and personalized communication. Push notifications can increase your customer  engagement by up to 80%.
  • Responsive design: Providing smooth user experience across different devices facilitates Magento 2 store owners to improve the customer experience. As per Google, websites with responsive web design will rank better in Google search results, thus putting PWA into effect, can help your website rank higher in Google searches.
  • Offline support: Apart from the brilliant online features, PWA provides amazing offline support. The customers place orders offline, on getting connected to the Internet, the order will be processed.
  • PHP 7.2 Support: The latest version of PHP, i.e., PHP 7.2, is included in Magento 2.3 for enhanced security and performance.
  • ElasticSearch Updates: This upgrade will enable merchants to integrate powerful search engine capabilities with their online stores. Magento 2.3 supports Elasticsearch v5.

The graph below shows how progressive web app differ from the native app and responsive website.

Pwa vs native app vs responsive site

Interested to go for Magento 2.3 PWA Studio? 

Magento 2 PWA Studio provides a set of modern tools and libraries:

  • Webpack
  • React
  • Redux
  • GraphQl
  • PWA-builderpack: includes main development tools for creating a Magento PWA
  • Peregrine: is a collection of React based on UI components for Magento PWA projects. Use, extend or remix these components to create a unique storefront.
  • Venia: core storefront built using PWA Studio’s libraries, it uses ReactReduxGraphQLCSS Modules and many other technologies as part of its stack.

Wrapping up

PWA is the future of eCommerce. It facilitates e-commerce merchants with unprecedented opportunities. Implementation of PWA in Magento 2.3 has revolutionized the eCommerce experience for many e-commerce giants.

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