Managed Magento

Service & Monitoring of Magento & server

Our solution has a state of the art solution for monitoring with advanced tools to monitor both the server and Magento installation. This makes it possible to see every detail and monitor give you the best service possible. Its even possible to see some issues that our clients and your clients didn’t even notice. Of course we also update your server and try to keep everything up and running as usual.


Security and updates

We offer a centralized update service for your server. In order to ensure stability and security.


Advanced monitoring

The markets most advanced monitoring tool is implemented in your dedicated solution and monitors both Magento & server.

Support & development for Magento

We include a development environment and staging site by using the best practice solutions. Our staff is can help you with professional support and you are free to contact them at support hours. We have knowledge of both advanced back-end development and normal administration.


Magento Support

Our support staff is ready to answer any questions about Magento through phone or e-mail.


Magento developrs

We offer the opportunity to send tickets done with the help of the best developers around. We are using the best tools available to ensure that your development is done according to best practice.


Staging site

To be able to test the updates before going live. We use a development environment and staging site. Both the developer and client can test before going live.


Invitations to seminars and events

These are often full and we will send a invitation before anyone else to our Managed Magento clients..

Dedikerad Magento Hosting

Vi inkluderar en utvecklingsmiljö enligt best practice samt kunnig supportpersonal som kan hjälpa dig igång.


Dedicated VPS & Database-server

We offer dedicated hosting for our clients. The hosting solution is setup with best practice.


Daily Backups

If something happens we will have the backup ready fast.


Secure maintenance

We are using Glesys and Google cloud in order to get the best security and stability.


Redundant internet connections

We trust multiple providers, not only one!