Klarna Checkout Demostore

Klarna Checkout Demostore

Welcome to a new, smoooth world of Klarna.

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Author: Nordicwebteam Nordicwebteam

Since the beginning, Nordic Web Team has worked with Sweden's leading payment provider. We were given an early task to help and develop the Klarna Checkout demostore.

1 Insight

Klarna wanted to create a demo store for Klarna Checkout ahead of Germany's launch. It should show all aspects of Klarna Checkout, in different devices, scenarios etc.

Jonas Wärngård, VD Nordic Web Team

1 Solution

The design was created from scratch to provide a simple flow. An instrument panel for Klarnas sellers to control the cashier was created. An instruction for the users who guides them through the trip was developed.

1 Result

Klarna was able to present the checkout to a larger audience, of course, on the web and outside the field.


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