How e-commerce streamlines and motivates B2B sales teams

Some believe that e-commerce can be counteracted by the sales department. After all, there is a new sales channel where customers will order instead of calling or sending a e-mail about the order. The sales-rep is no longer the order recipient. People may question whether it is the end of the classic sales role.

Working on remote server locally

Memoires of a developer. This could sound weird, but should be strong as "think global, act local": `work on remote server, locally`. Many programmers are using Mac, while some other developers are taking advantages of Linux latest technologies (such as Docker). Other people are just so old school, they still using the micro whatever and we have to respect that, if that works. After trying a lots of interesting tools and ideas, starting with Virtualbox, Vagrant, Docker, in all available platforms and finishing with x2go client (from multiple platforms) to a linux server machine, then it was time to ...

B2B companies abandon old systems for future ecommerce

The digital transformation has finally reached B2B business. B2B has undergone a transformation and, according to Magento, 71% of all purchases in 2017 start with a search instead of a phone call. Furthermore, the survey  “The Forrester Wave” indicates that buyers wants to be able to track old orders and add new ones without a traditional face to face meeting or phone call. They want flexible ways to buy products. - "There will be greater demand as more B2B companies adopt digital strategies driven by the desire to meet increased customer expectations and to streamline processes we can see ...

4 (easy) ways to improve your digital customer service

Is it even possible to send out email campaigns or other information to customers where they get enough value of what you communicate? Whit this in mind you can try to create valuebased information for your customers.  By sending information about that customer forgot to complete a purchase and left the products in the shopping cart, is relevant information to send to your customer. More complex products demands another type of service so a guide or a live chat can be relevant to use.The physical storeWhen you enter a physical store, you expect a certain service, for example, that ...

Nordic Web Team a Magento Professional Solution partner

Nordic Web Team a Magento Professional Solution partner Nordic Web Team has recently been upgraded to a Magento Professional Solution Partner. The upgrade ensures that Nordic web Team has developed and delivered exceptional e-commerce solutions for Magento. The complete definition of the upgrade is: “Professional partners are companies that have an established commerce practice area and who are adopting Magento as a key technology offering. Professional partners are expected to stay current on the latest innovations delivered by Magento and have access to channel support as needed”. - "We work closely with Magento and are very proud of ...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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