Nordic Web Team has built and supports Avarda’s new Magento Checkout which is now available for delivery.

Avarda specializes in payments for both online and retail in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The goal is to create a payment solution for merchants who want to build and strengthen their own brand throughout the purchase journey, from checkout to payment. To achieve this, a greater flexibility and enhanced dialogue with customers is required.

“Avarda understands the importance of working closely with us merchants and being a solution-oriented partner. Through Avarda we get a smooth payment solution and a fair collaboration with better credit terms. It fits well with the higher order values as is common when selling building materials”, says Carina Erlandsson, E-commerce manager at Beijer Byggmaterial.

Avarda highlights three areas of its business that help the large merchant to increase its revenues (APO*/AMO*) and reduce costs (ARO).

APO – Avarda Payment Options
The various payment solutions offered; Avarda Checkout+ and Avarda stand alone Credit.

AMO – Avarda Marketing Opportunities
The parts in the post purchase process that can be adapted to drive upsell, loyalty and brand recognition. Adapted to the merchant’s needs through the Avarda model that is ‘true white label’.

ARO – Avarda Return Optimizer
A service Avarda developed to help merchants limit the proportion of “bad customers” which is solely a weight on the income statement. “Bad customers” refer to those who impose on, the often generous, consumer conditions return policys.

The merchant does not have to chose the APO, AMO and ARO services at the start of a collaboration, but can gradually add services for business growth.

Contact the Account Manager at Avarda to find out more;
Samira Karlsson, +46 (0)70-145 40 55 or [email protected]

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