Magento Ecommerce Platform

Magento is the leading commerce platform in the world. WIth over 100$ billion produced by over 200 000 merchants worldwide. The success is mainly because of its flexibility towards different target groups. Internet retailer named Magento in their lists for most succesfull platforms. Recently Magento was named the leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. With the release of Magento 2, we have a great technical platform to stand on. 

About Magento

Nordicwebteam & Magento


Our main focus is Magento. We are creating extensions, educations, maintenance, support and hosting. We are also one of the few Swedish Magento partner available, and in addition to that we are a exclusive partner to Meet Magento Association. Our goal is to always stay ahead of the competition.

What makes Magento amazing?


Everyone wants to use it

Over 200 000 merchants over the world use Magento as their prefered choice of platform. The platform can be used by large scale enterprises, but also a smaller merchant with ambitioins. You do not need to change the platform as you scale up.


Magento Marketplace

Magento marketplace offers a large marketplace (think app-store) with extensions. A extension could be a payment method, integration or a tool to help your administration. Using these extensions could save a massive amount of time for you and your developers. Compared to other platforms this is something thats really cutting the competition. Why invent the wheel twice? We are also a part of the community and do publish our extensions for the community to use.


Massive community

A massive network of hundreds of solution partners and over 150 000 developers means that you are not alone. All these people is what made the platform great and the ultimate e-commerce solution.


Incredibly powerful tools

Magento ha incredibly powerful tolls and offers the best flexibility. You can modify anything from the appearace to the business logic. The platform is scalable to infinity.